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a connection master is a selected one who has the power to make connections. a connection is between a pair, once the connection masters have connected them, they are a 'thing'. They work in paris, and there may only be one pair of connection masters at a time. There is currently a connection master pair working, and they will not be another pair until this pair have resigned.

there are rules to being a connection master, firstly you can't make connections with bad intensions. Secondly, you can;t be connected ever. Thirdly only the connection masters can make or break connections. The connection masters have it tough as many are jealous of their power and try to fight them for it, in this case tehy are allowed to do whatever to fight back, they may even break rule 1...
max and ella (the connection master) were walking down the street, when they noticed a pair standing next to each other. Max and Ella turned to each other an screeched "CON-NEC-TION" and the pair were connected.
by the connection master January 05, 2013
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