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The unexpected act of breaking up with a chick/dude moments before she/he has the opportunity to do it to you. This will result in completely changing her/his plans for the conversation (the key to winning any argument with a female). The frustration and confusion that runs across her/his face will stir feeling within you that are better than the unsatisfying sex you have been putting up with for the last couple of months. It will also create an unexplainable longing in the female/male to get back together. This is most often simply so she can then dump you on her/his own terms
Her: Oh my god! You will never believe what that asshole John did to me on Friday.

Her Friend: What did he do?

Her: He totally fucking breakblocked me!

Her Friend: Wow, I never thought he had it in him.

by The chick you love to hate May 14, 2008

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