23 definitions by the cheat

The pinnacle of Cam and the Pwnz
Omgz Churchlady and The Cheat are so Cam!!!11oneone
by The Cheat August 26, 2003
The Cheat is The Cheat. 'nuff said.
Mur-mur mur mur m-mur m-ur mur-ur mur.
by The Cheat October 29, 2003
1) any one of various large juicy fruits
2) slang for breasts, boobs, boobies, jumbilies, etc.
1) the mellon i had for dinner last night was the shit
2) WOW did you see the size of her mellons
by the cheat February 19, 2003
a series of word that are hard to say in sequence.
also a way to give oral pleasure to a female
how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
by the cheat February 19, 2003
3 1/2 diameter disk that holds 1.44 MB of memory for a computer. when computer geeks are argueing make sure u ask them if they have tried the floppy disk. then with they respond with a now. put stress on different syllables and slow down or spped up the changed word...or both
f l o ppydis k
flopidydoppy diskeititdy
and many others...use your immagination ant piss off thoes linux lovein losers
by the cheat February 19, 2003
This is the guy behind the guy. The stomper of noobs, the slammer of many comical references. The guy.
Hey Shoe, why are you so awesome?

I'm a big fucking green shoe, bitch.
by the cheat January 14, 2004
A REALLY REALLY retarded HomeStarRunner!!
Hey HomeSar! Come here!
Heeeeeyyy Stewong Baid!!!!
by The Cheat January 28, 2003
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