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To spray ones self completely from head to toe in cheap, nasty, smelling deoderant instead of having a proper shower before going out on the town. These type of people tend to be tracksuit wearing, dole hoaching scumbags from the scummiest part (burnfoot) of the scummiest town (hawick)
Burnfoot Scruff - here pal av no hoached enough dole money this week to afford to run the shower so before i hit diesels am gonna need a burnfoot shower.

Pal- aye ma anaw av spent aw ma money on cheap fags and buckie so al need to borrow some o yer asda smart price deodeant anaw.
by the burnfit scruff June 19, 2011
A word for a man who hoaches through bins and steals knickers from washing lines in their spare time, a general menace to society. people should be aware of their local croney as so to at least cross the street if one finds ones self on the same side of the road to avoid anything distressing happening to them, a croney can always be identified by the strong smell of cheap deoderant due to regular "burnfoot showers" AVOID AT ALL COSTS
MAN- Did you see that croney running through the garden last night stealing all the knickers off the washing lines?

MAN 2 - no but i noticed my bin had been hoached this morning the rubbish was everywhere!

MAN 3 - i could smell his burnfoot shower when i was chasing him through the gardens last night trying to get my good thongs back, what a menace!
by the burnfit scruff June 19, 2011

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