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when someone brings their chick friends over that have them stuck in the friend zone and gets them hammered on beer with ruffies in it. the forementioned person will proceed to fuck one of the chick friends or more than one chick friend and when he finishes he brands them by cumming on their chest and pouring oil on it and lighting it on fire.
Dan: I brought Julia over last week
Mike: Oh so what did you do with her?
Dan: I broganated her
by The broganator June 17, 2011
Rock that has a southern sound to it, have many southern friends, sometimes even put up a nice confederate flag in there posters, and sounds like they're doing chew because you can't understand what the fuck they're saying ex Nickleback, Creed, Def Lepard, Lynard Skynard, and ZZ Topp
Redneck: Hey nigger you ever listen to some Nickleback?
African-American: Yeah they're really shitty
by the broganator October 25, 2011
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