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the telling of an obviously fictional event as though it really happened to you, and then standing by that lie no matter what evedence is presented to prove you wrong.
Tim: "Did you know that Chris has a Master's Degree in Metallurgy?"
Dennis: "That is some Boyle Shit! He also said that he got it from a community college that doesn't have anything to do with metallurgy and only offers associates degrees."
#bull shit #lie #fucktard #boil #ass monkey #chris #christopher
by the bluemeanie December 21, 2008
Noun, used in place of a proper name.
1. someone who is persistantly sarcastic, and an ass hole.
2. someone who despite constant ridicule, still uses the phrase "that's what she said.." every 10 to 15 minutes.
Me: "Man, did you see that explosion? That was massive.."

Babcock: "That's what she said.."

Me: "Meatstick, you are a Douche."
#sarcastic #douche #meat #stick #meat stick #cock #your mom
by the bluemeanie December 21, 2008
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