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A white girl that does anything sexual with a nigger male.
"That chick is such a nigger slut."

"I know dude she fucked 3 nigs at once, bitch!"
by the bitch666 December 19, 2011
Turning the sound down in a porno so your roomate doesn't hear. Other races would not do this and blast full volume.
"that inconsiderate nigger didn't have any white caution last night"
"tell it to me, sister!"
another ex.
"aww dude did you even bother using white caution last night."
"well yea, i thought you were a sleep."
by the bitch666 December 19, 2011
A small blue nome/smurf looking creature thats main habitat is in the sewage pipes of a house. When it comes out to eat it goes up into the toliet it awaits in prey of a man taking a shit. When the man is wiping it leaps out of the toliet and clings to the mans penis with unrelenting force. The only way to get it off is to cum in its mouth for its feed.
"Dude do you have a resident dungeon nome?"
"Not the last time i checked we were free of the cock-sucking scum."
"I just fed one."
"Oh shit! we need to get the fuck out of here!"
by the bitch666 October 07, 2011

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