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when fingering a girl, becoming irritated, annoyed, or bored so much as to smack her face with a hand full of juices that she squirted into one's cupped hands.
I was sick of the nasty faces my girl was making, so I gave her the wet hand surprise!
by the big purple hippo July 19, 2009
when one waits until he becomes blue-balled, then runs full-speed at his partner, who is already bent over, and busts into his ass immediately upon penetration.
get ready, here comes the blue rhino!
by the big purple hippo July 19, 2009
the water that spray-fully ejects from the ass hole once it has been filled by a forceful current. such currents could include hoses, jets in pools or hot tubs, or faucets.
hey everyone, I just accidentally rubbed up against a jet... watch the ass water that comes out!
by the big purple hippo July 19, 2009
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