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St. Mary´s College of Maryland. A small liberal arts college in southern Maryland located on the St. Mary´s River. The population is generally liberal and into the outdoors. Students at the college can be found in their natural environment partying outside around a bonfire. These fires can be had either at the Point, a point on the other side of the graveyard or in North Woods, the woods just north of campus. There is a swamp called Vietnam that is a favorite hang out of some students.

There are students with popped collars but they are not well accepted by the generally student body and are generally seen as a sub par group of human beings. There are pop collared folks who are all right but generally this doesn´t fly.

The college has a strong devotion to the water front...the docks or the river are the place to be. The environment of St. Mary´s is extremely relaxed and it is often called Camp St. Mary´s. We have an annual card board boat race and an annual naked bike ride. Both are horridly important to the wellbeing of the students.

Its a great place to study, live and hang out, but remember a popped collar is not the embodiment of the college.

Bathing is option. Clothing is optional. The river is essential.
Girl...Hey man lets head to the waterfront.

Guy...Hold on, I´m trying to find some Boh.

St Mary's ...babes on boats with boh.
by the bend in the river April 06, 2010
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