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1.paranoid fear that a fag is behind you doing the party boi behind you.
2.fear brought on by a bad memory of homos and a club.
1. Dave, "hey man is there a guy behind me doing the msk dance?
Phil "no, why?"
dave, "i have Parahomopartyboiaphobia."
phil, "thats realy queer"
Dave, "Where? Is he behind me? is he doing the dance?"
by the artist formerly known as alex February 14, 2008
People who have made fame from newgrounds, instead of Youtubers.
Newgroundians live nomadic E-lifes wandering from site to site looking for a place to register and have a little bit more fame. many of them convert to youtubers.
Knox is a newgroundian
Jason steele is a newgroundian
Legendary frog is a newgroundian
compared to
numa numa guy is a youtuber
brookers is a youtuber
Liam kyle sullivian is a youtuber.
by the artist formerly known as alex February 27, 2008

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