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A walking wank is for the bored gentleman who is in favour of getting naked in ones home and choosing to masturbate whilst travelling from one room to another.

This is an activity which is not always understood, but however seems to be attracting attention from various specialist websites.

Its not known how many men take part in this but it is suspected that it is in the high numbers. it is a solo activity that is usually done in the absence of a partner who, for example, is away from home or at work etc...
It is reported to give the gentleman a great sense of freedom without having to go the whole way towards perversion and lewd sexual acts...

it is unknown whether this is a gateway practise that may lead to a more serious deviant behaviour which is known as a WWW (walking Window Wank)
"great, she's away, time to stick on the nina simone tunes and have a walking wank"


" i just walked in on him naked and prancing about laughing, he told me he was feeling great and enjoying a walking wank"
by the anaconda October 16, 2010
A sour or pungent pussy odor. Typically reminiscent of rotten goat's milk or overly ripe lingon berries.
"Dude, I tried to eat her out, but her sopudor was way too strong."
"Was her sopudor pretty bad?" "Aw hell ya man, it smelled like a fresh cut of Pont l’Eveque"
by The Anaconda October 03, 2013
the scottish term for the area between the anus and the coccyx... a term misunderstood as the perineum in most countries, but a often spoken about phrase in the likes of wishaw and motherwell. Well used also by the healthcare profession
"i keep getting wakened up by a pulling of the grundle, like I'm being pulled up and down in agony"


I have too much hair on my grundle
by the anaconda October 12, 2010

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