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"To coulter" (verb; also nascent social virus):

To vomit up (like a bulimic feline who has swallowed too many hairballs) a bile of baseless, fact-free political rhetoric and hate at everything left of Atilla the Hun or the Grand Inquistor (especially evil Liberals and godless Secularists) for the purpose of inflaming the venom and unbridled vitriol of Joe Six Packs, Jane Rednecks, George Survivalists and John Unilateralists.

Often accompanied by a sudden loss of gray matter, a corresponding emotional anorexia and a tendency to contradict reality.

Sometimes thought to be a variation of "Maggie Thatherism" with legs, though absent a heart.

May orginate in reptile world; destination unknown.
Pressed for the truth, she decided to coulter and to attack the speaker with a litany of lies, exaggerations and half-truths.
by the Yeti cat April 15, 2010

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