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2 definitions by the Xor

When involved in a 3, or indeed, 4-some the 2 men using the vagina and ass holes maybe find their testicle banging together, this is know as Turkish Conkers
Me and a mate banging this bird the other night, me in the ass and him in the pussy, we had a great game of Turkish Conkers!!
by the xor November 14, 2008
6 1
Calling into work claiming you have over slet when actually you can't be bothered to get up cos you are having sex with your boy/girlfriend or both!
Katie: I'm going to be late in today
Nick: How come, is everything OK?
Katie: Yeah, I just over slept!
Nick: You liar!! You've had a Turkish Lie in!
by the Xor November 14, 2008
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