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Someone who sleeps around, is promiscuous, sells their body for money/crack, etc. Synonyms: slut, sleazy suzie,holla back girl,crack whore, slutbag, whorebag, etc. someone who is just all around a very appley individual
ex. 1
guy 1: hey dude, you see that girl? she's somethin, isn't she?
guy 2: ya, i slept with her last night actually. she's really just a huge apple
guy 1: she's my girlfriend...
guy 2: oh....
(awkward pause)
guy 1: ya, what an apple.

ex 2

guy 1: hey dude, you see that guy?
guy 3: the one who just said he did your girlfriend?
guy 1: ya, him. what a fuckin man-apple
by the Webster Dictionary June 09, 2008

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