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3 definitions by the Sandwich Eaters

To call yourself a moral compass for a certain social circle / group...but really, you are the exact opposite to it.
Guy 1 "im so the moral compass of the group."
Guy 2. "Mate... you just stevo'ed yourself! You're just a Mikhil Nathoo."
by the Sandwich Eaters May 17, 2010
To try really hard to achieve something, only to be thwarted at the last second or by the smallest increment.
Guy 1: OMG!!! i was on 24 kills!
Guy 2: You were Butchers Off a Nuke mate!
by The Sandwich Eaters May 23, 2010
When a mate is hosting a party and a guest arrives, doing two things simultaneously, without hesitation.
1. Heads straight for the fridge (he may not know where it is but theres that look in his eyes as he searches intently for a beer.)
2. As he is walking, asks the hosts "Got any Froffies mate?" or any over variation of that which may include: (Beer, booze, ect.)
Guy 1: "Mate, wheres all the beer gone?"
Host: "Sorry, i just got Robbo'ed by like 5 guys, i'll get some more from out back."
by The Sandwich Eaters May 23, 2010