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Medival torture device where ropes are attached to the arms and legs of the victim. The ropes are pulled a little at a time until your arms and legs are ripped off completely.
I lost my arms from rack torture a while back. But it sucks because i haven't fucked since.
by the Reganator February 18, 2009
A torture method where the victim is hung upside down by his or her feet, Two other men stand on opposite sides of the unlucky person. The 2 men have a saw that they use a saw to cut down from the vagina or goushe of a man. they keep sawing down until uyou are completely in half. If you talk they will stop. But you will ultemetly die of injuries. Sucks doesn't it.
Hey Jonny if you dont talk were gonna use some sick saw torture on you!
by The Reganator February 17, 2009

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