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well i see that all these unionville girls are on here typing things about them selves so i figured i'd hel clear some things up. yes...everyone including the BOYS not only the girls at unionville drinks and/or smokes beacuse there is nothing else to do look we are all teens and thats what we do! also, everyone typing things on here are from unionville so obvioulsy they are also drinking/smoking, and if u arent think about y we do it...maybe because there is nothing better to do, just try and come up with one thing that we can do other then that, and dont say chill at "painters" you see "painters" is a good place to go see a movie not sit around like the middle schoolers do thinking we are cool. also we do wear low jeans with our thongs hanging out this is beacuse 90% of u'ville girls are hott there for we have the rite to
unionville girls = every other teenage girl
by the REALtruth December 29, 2004

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