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2 definitions by the DARKSiDE

an incredibly nice girl who's been through alot. she's funny, smart, and beautiful, but really modest. she always put others before herself and is nice to everyone. shit happened to her, but she got through it. the best person in the world.
dude 1: damn she's amazing.
dude 2: i think you've got yourself a tess, bro. lucky.
by the DARKSiDE May 20, 2012
a large country located in central asia that nobody knows about because like no one lives there. kazakhstan is forested and has many mountains, and is pretty nice. however, the government is corrupt as it used to be a part of the soviet union. it has a "democratic" government; you can vote, but you only have 1 option, so you either vote for that person or you don't vote at all.
person 1: where are you from asian?
person 2: kazakhstan
person 1: where?
person 2: kazakhstan...u know..in central asia...near mongolia and russia...
person 1: nah got no idea what you're talkin 'bout.
person 2: *sigh*
by the DARKSiDE May 20, 2012