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2 definitions by the 12th man

A retarded sport gay British men play for an excuse to touch other men. Rugby fans commonly say American football is gay so they don't feel bad about themselves. Rugby is the most retarded sport ever and only cum guzzling faggots play it.
Bob: Hey Tom want to play rugby because were faggots?

Tom: Sure Bob, I'm in the mood to wrap my arms around gay dudes legs and squeeze their balls!

Bob: Oh my god cool, I hope we can have a gay 15 person orgy later with every teammate!

Tom: oh my god yes were so gay hahahaha!

Bob: Hahaha were faggots!
by The 12th man February 03, 2014
3 1
when a girl sucks your balls so hard you get a hickie on your sac. the puple is for the color of with you balls turn and heart for the courage to with stand the situation.
bro my girl just gave me a purple heart.
by the 12th man September 24, 2010
14 16