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2 definitions by the 'hof

In racing terms; to be punched hard in the nuts by an old but powerful dwarf.

Usually, said punches in the nuts also incur crippling financial losses.

The term Ecclestone can be used when an old but powerful dwarf inserts his fist into another's anus.
"FOTA meets with raging Ecclestone"

"USF1 on shaky legs after Ecclestone debrief"
by the 'hof May 15, 2010
Also referred to as the "ghost train", a near mythical subterranean dweller of New York City.

Unconfirmed reports of its existence lie from the uterus of Queens to the ballsac of Brooklyn.

Slang: Fucking G train
"Where is the fucking G Train...??"

"This is Lorimer Street Station. Transfer downstairs to the Fucking G. Stand clear of the closing doors."
by the 'hof May 15, 2010