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Tits that are not big, but not too small; they fit perfectly, one in each hand
I love your sugar tits, they fit my hands like gloves!
by the $cuN>| January 02, 2007
A car that wannabe ballers drive because it looks like a Bentley, but it's affordable because it ISN'T one. Ghetto single mothers often scrape together every last dollar they can find to pay for one so they can be as close to ballin' as possible, while they are obviously on food stamps and covered in cheap, cliched tattoos.
After this hoe bought a bunch of Good Start with her WIC checks, she walked her stank, busted, nappy ass out to her Chrysler 300 that needs a wash and detail work.
by the $cuN>| June 03, 2009
When you're laying in bed first thing in the morning and you get a boner for no apparent reason; the name is derived from the time of day at which it occurs
I woke up early this morning when I rolled over on my sunrise
by the $cuN>| January 09, 2007
The fiery sensation you feel on your anus after taking a potent shit; usually occurs after eating some sort of exotic food.
Deezam son, this afterburn is killing me. I shouldn't have eaten those burritos.
by the $cuN>| April 15, 2007
Short for "Que el fuck," which is Spanish for "What the fuck." The "Que" and "El" are replaced by the letters "K" and "L."

KLF man, that kid just stole my cookie!
by the $cuN>| January 08, 2007
Among other things, to run a check means to check a whore for a dick; to make sure you're not taking home a guy.
$cuN>|: This bitch looks like she wants some action; let's go talk to her.

T-Nigs: Yo, you better run a check on that bitch son.
by the $cuN>| May 01, 2007
A scholarly expert at the art and history of cum; a slut.
My favourite kind of woman is a brainless cum scribe.
by the $cuN>| April 23, 2008
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