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(slang) sanitary towel

Legend has it back in ye olde days that rags were literally used to mop up the lovely red blobby vaginal discharge as all those marvellous contraptions we have today with their wings, crystal cores and scents (usually floral)did not exist. Apparently, they were called fanny rags before the more 'socially acceptable' term of sanitary towel was coined.
SSSHHHIIITTT!! I'm flooding through, pass me a fanny rag.

Oooh, its like the bursting of the Aswan Dam down there, pass me a fanny rag.

I used to use twat rats, but they ain't all that when you bleed for seven days and don't die. I prefer fanny rags.

Fanny rags are great! If you ever spill a pint of juice, it will mop it up in seconds!! (This is true, I discovered this when I was 10. Fuck the claims Bounty kitchen roll makes, a fanny rag is far more effective)

I one saw a woman wipe her kids nose with a fanny rag at 'les pyramides' in Paris in 2006. That poor kid will soon realise in a few years that it wasn't 'some sort of special tissue'
by The Master of Definitions June 18, 2008
UPX Nanterre Université Paris x

Probably the most drab university EVER, located East of Paris.

UPX is best known for being at the centre of the 1968 student protests. It's hardly surprising, seeing as it is a horrid concrete jungle located in quite a ghastly suburb. As a current student there, I like to spend as little time as possible there for the above reasons, as well as the fact I wish to keep my wallet and facial features intact.

On the up-side, urrm..., urrm......, go to the Sorbonne if you can.
Where did you go for your ERASMUS year?

I went to University Paris 10 , or hell as I like to call it. If you say it fast enough, it sounds like 'Paradise' (paris dix), which is far from the truth!
by The master of definitions March 15, 2006
Another term for a massive fuck off dildo - guaranteed to have you frothing at the gash

This term refers to a rather 'rustic' dildo - like a massive garden twig, or a broom handle.
Say, Tiffani, what you up to tonight?

Well, Amber, I'm gonna be riding me shag stick, wanna pop it in for me?

OOOHHH.... I'll be flickin me bean tonight with my trusty old shagging stick
by The Master of Definitions October 16, 2008
(Expression) the opposite of 'as wet as an otter'; when a woman is not sexually aroused. She's so dry, it's like when you have a mouth full of Jacobs' cream cracker (rather nasty!)
oooh, that Charlie from Eastenders, he's so fat and grotesque, when I see him, i'm as dry as a Jacobs' cream cracker!

Cheers for the idea Claire
by The Master of Definitions December 05, 2006
A variation to 'facebook', however instead of putting on a picture of your face, put on a picture of your fanny (for you americans out there thats your minge, not your ass) and see how many 'friends' you get and how often you get 'poked' ;-)
Did you see Kaye on Flapsbook - talk about hanging hams, she had no friends.
by The Master of Definitions September 07, 2008
(slang) a tampon.

Legend has it that rats were used before tampons were invented and were the inspiration for their design.
Pass me a twat rat, I'm blobbing everywhere.

Oh stick a twat rat in and quit you moaning bitch.

I always use twat rats, I prefer them to flange pads.

Shit!! I've got to change my twat rat, I've had it in for 4 hours!!!

by The Master of Definitions November 23, 2007
(Slang) When a woman becomes sexually aroused and secretes quim from her vagina in preparation for sexual intercourse.

This term is generally used in relation to a rather old, hairy pussy.
When I watched Casualty last night, that dishy doctor gave me a right soggy moggy!
by The Master of Definitions August 17, 2007