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103 definitions by the letter D

Some specific type of karate wherein nothing fun is allowed (punches to the head, kicks to the neck, grabs that last more than three seconds, et cetera). Typically the karate in a Sabaki tournament will be upstaged by whatever events happen in between the rounds.
"Hey, want to go watch the Sabaki tournament?"
"Not really."
by the letter d April 16, 2007
A maneuver in which you have sex with somebody who is unconcious WITH THE HOPE THAT your doing so will revive them.

Note: this is different from something like sleepysex, in that your goal is to fix the situation rather than exploit it.

(Named after medicinal smelling salt, which produces such a potent smell that it can awaken an unconscious person.)
"I've tried everything I could think of, but the patient is still out cold."
"Hold on, doctor, there's still one thing you didn't think of...." (pulls down pants)
"Ah, yes, give her some smelling salt."
by the letter d October 26, 2007
Literally, rape of the larynx.
"Time for a little laryngal rape!"
"Sometimes I wonder why I hang out with you."
by the letter d October 09, 2007
An activity in which you:

1. deflate a football
2. attach a pump to its intake hole
3. insert the deflated football into somebody's asshole
4. pump as much air into it as possible
"Listen, I had a really great time tonight."
"Me too, thanks again for buying me dinner."
"Well thanks for sucking my cock."
"My pleasure. Hey -- wanna go back to my apartment and play some pro football?"
by the letter d August 26, 2007
What to do after stabbing somebody.
Man: (pulls out knife from woman's waist) Well that was fun, but... now what do I do?
Man's superego: Fuck the wound.
by the letter d August 26, 2007
Short for "ecological sabotage." To sabotage something through ecological means. For example, you can destroy their plumbing so their sewage backs up in their house.
"Did you ecotage my apartment???"
by the letter d August 26, 2007
What you say when you inflict repeated injurious acts upon another. Most commonly used for repeated punching or repeated shooting.
"Hey stop shooting me with that."
by the letter d July 27, 2007