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Deriving from a "vegetative" state often used in the medical field, it is a state of total physical apathy, usually on a couch or bed with music or in front of a TV; influence of drugs aids but is not essential to the meaning of the term.

The earliest media use of the term "veg out" originates from the 1990 film Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts says: "Let's watch old movies all night... we'll just veg out in front of the TV."
I'm going to spent all of Saturday to just just veg out on my bed listening to Radiohead and Coldplay.

I wasted a whole Friday night vegging in front of the TV.
by The hardest button to button February 05, 2010
Nickname referring to Kira Yamato of the anime series' Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile suit Gundam SEED Destiny; particularly the latter.

The reason being that Kira Yamato as the main protagonist for most of Destiny was omnipotent. Kira would fly into any ongoing battle with his Mobile Suit (Robot) Freedom Gundam and own every other unit. Along with many other plot and design flaws of the series, Jesus Yamato's onesidedness made the series unwatchable for many.
Who is the best Gundam pilot?

A: Kira Yamato hands down.

B: Another vote for Jesus Yamato you gundam seedlings - my vote's for Amuro Ray!
by The hardest button to button February 05, 2010
1. Term from the Pokemon series where the move used by the opponent's Pokemon is susceptible to the user's chosen type of move.

2. Used to describe/narrate a situation when one party does a certain action which is effective against the other party.
1. Mudkip uses Water Gun on Charmander ... ... It's Super Effective!

2. Mr. Henderson uses Pop Quiz on Adam ... ... It's Super Effective!
by The hardest button to button February 28, 2010
A main refers to when a video game has multiple characters/weapons/profile to choose from and a gamer has chosen a particular character he specializes with, usually for online play.

Mains are chosen usually as their game play characteristics caters to the style of play of the gamer. Although some mains are chose out of media popularity of the character despite their inherit weaknesses (ex. Cloud Strife in Dissidia, Link in Soul Calibur, etc.).

Noobs often main characters which they can spam (repeatedly use the same move over and over with relative success in gameplay)
After playing Super Smash Bros. for a few weeks and going through Fox, Sonic, Marth, and Bowser, i have decided just to make Link my main because i think he has some extreme potential.

That noob mains Automatic because you can spam the a button and still manage 3000+ points.
by The hardest button to button February 05, 2010
The Gundam anime series following the Gundam Seed Destiny Series.

Instead of emulating The Original Gundam series and Z Gundam series which Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny have done, this one emulates Gundam Wing - because kids seeing it at this point are too young to remember a series that ended in 1996, that giving UC fanboys more reasons to rant.
A: Gundam 00...

b: Gundam Wing did it.
by The hardest button to button February 05, 2010
A series of stop-motion animations featuring an Asian student spinning around in mid-air like a helicopter. They’re typically accompanied by the orchestral version of the Main theme of Final Fantasy VII, a popular 90s action RPG game.
by The hardest button to button February 28, 2010
A girl who you don't know and is out of your league adds you as a friend on facebook. Upon adding her, she keeps on sending you spam wall posts and messages until you finally block her. A facebook spam babe is usually male, and always an internet troll.

How to spot a facebook spam babe
-The profile seems new.
-She has slutty wall posts to entice you to add them.
-All of her friends are few and male.
-One or more of her statuses are links.
-The name exotic enough to be a pornstar's but tame enough to be the girl next door's.
-Looking for: Dating/A Relationship - no babe is looking for that on facebook.
Yo man, who's that hot girl you added on facebook the other day?

Dude, she was just a facebook spam babe. I got a whole bunch of spam messages after I added her.
by The hardest button to button February 28, 2010
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