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Prefix/adjective used to describe something and signify that the said oject or objects is bigger and badder than under normal circumstances
That kid has always had Glocks, but he got himself a gauge and an AK. Now he's holding gorilla guns.
by the $cun>| January 27, 2008
When something is really fucking ridiculous.
Deezam, that bitch's ass is rifuckulous!
by the $cuN>| February 12, 2007
Lightning bolts are stretch marks from when a bitch has had a baby, and the stretch marks resemble lightning bolts.
That bitch told me she didn't have no kids, but when l got her pants off she had lightning bolts.
by the $cuN>| July 22, 2007
Subculture stemming from hip hop where rednecks mix their country, backwoods mannerisms w/ ebonics and rap music. Two fairly notable hick hop rappers are Boondox and Bubba Sparxxx.
Covington, GA, is a hotbed of hick hop activity.
by the $cuN>| February 27, 2008
Possibly the most overrated, influential word ever in the history of the English language.
Detective: Mr. Simpson, why did you murder your wife Nicole and her lover?

OJ: I thought I heard one of them say "nigger."
by the $cuN>| January 07, 2007

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