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A Toby is someone lovable, caring and stylish.
They are very good friends, and will always be there if you need a shoulder to lean on.
They can be a bit thoughtless at times with their choice of words, though it is rare for them to intentionally hurt you. Unless they dislike you.
Then they can be arrogant and selfish, and greedy and cold.
But overall, a Toby is definetely someone you would want as your friend/boyfriend; they are usually good-looking guys with a great personality.
Guy: Im going over to Toby's place, wanna come?
Guy2: Yeah, he is always fun to be around with.

Girl: Omg, that Toby is sooo hot and such a gentleman!
Girl2: Nah, he is always so arrogant towards me!
Girl: He must not like you then.
by thatonewithstuff April 09, 2011

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