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1 definition by thatkidatPR

To be forcefully locked out of your computer while browsing the internet. Usually the browsing is often school related.

The computer tech admin with the back problems that eats lots of sandwiches at Praire Rridge High School in Crystal Lake, IL.
I was doing my research paper and totally got bush-whacked.

Ok students do your work so you don't become in danger of being bush-whacked.

Dude I was like doing my work and then decided I wanted to watch youtube, but I totally got bush-wacked. So I was like wtf ill beat this bitch at her own game and boot linux from my usb. HAHA and then shes like where the hell did all the bandwidth go I'd go and try to find out, but im too busy eating a sandwich behind my two computer screens and stopping kids from working on their papers!
by thatkidatPR May 12, 2010