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a group of people that are into anthro art(art based on humanoid animals). a smaller group of wich go to cons and dress up in their fursuits (suits made to look like their fursonas). contrary to how media portrays them not all of them are into yiff, and pretty much all of them are not 40yr-old virgin as shown in one episode of CSI, as mos of the range from 15/16 to 25. they are also pretty pleasant to be around unlike what youd see on the news. those guys deserve to be troll'd. you also wouldnt know they were furries unless they told you they were,theyre normal people, they could even be your best friend and you wouldnt know because of the flak they get.
keep an open mind towards furries and dont be a sub-culture nazi
by that one preson September 19, 2010

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