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shitty little rich suburb. Home of the wigger, all the kids wear lil wayne shirts and think they are gangsters.

recently the hood has moved into north caldwell in the form of dozens of house burglaries commited by addicts from newark which have everyone shitting in their pants and running for cover. police are paid $100k a year plus $700 a day for traffic duty but don't do anything as usual. we have had two homicides in about 40 years and the last one was an accident

about the only positive thing about north caldwell is that you don't have to worry about being shot on the street by anything more than a paintball gun, and the sopranos was filmed here.
fag 1: yo lets ride son
fag 2: yea boiiii but we gotta stay on point u no they rolled on ***** last night, shot him 6 times as he got off the bus
fag 1: yea man i heard they had some heavy shit too.

fag 2: o hell yea they pulld 2 airsoft rifles on the kid n blasted away, u cn still see the welts on this dude!!!
fag 1: damn yo thas heavy idk how long ima make it on these crazy streets of North Caldwell
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by that kid down the block August 20, 2009
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