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A college credit class taken by high school students during the latter years (junior or senior, usually). The class reviews a set number of pre-defined topics by the College Board. The test is formulated by a very devious and malevolent group of individuals who masquerade under the common name Educational Testing Service, or ETS. The sole purpose of this group is to devise a monstrous 3-hour examination composed of two sections, each worth 50% of the test-taker's grade.

Section I - 90 minutes
75 Multiple Choice Questions

Section II - 95 minutes
Part A - 55 minutes
- 3 problems
Part B - 40 minutes
- 2 essay questions
- 1 chemical reactions question

Each free response question will normally be composed of 5-7 subquestions in the form of 1)a, 1)b, 1)c, 1)d, 1)e... Each subquestion will be worded in a cruelly confusing manner and require the test taker to scramble frantically through his/her sheet of common chemical equations before, upon realizing that the equation is either not listed or discovering that he/she doesn't know how to use the equation, bursting into inconsolable tears. Studies show that that this is a common reaction. Stay calm, smile at the proctor, pick up your pencil, and write THIS IS SPARTA across the available space.
What NOT to write on the AP Chemistry Exam

Johnny was a Chemist's son
But Johnny is no more
What Johnny thought was H2O
Was H2SO4
by that insane AP student May 08, 2008

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