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Turkey surprise begins by producing ball cheese through multiple weeks without washing his balls. Scrape the soft yellow substance from both sides of the ball sack onto clean dinner plate. This will serve as the base flavor for the female and her family during the thanksgiving dinner. Then defecate into a five speed blender and add three table spoons of vomit to add a nice creamy crunch. Blend for thirty seconds and put in fridge to cool. While waiting to cool, ejaculate onto the floor and wait for the cum to harden and become a thin pancake like substance. Take the now cool crap-a-chino from the fridge and poor it into the anus of the cooked turkey. Place turkey on top of the ball cheese lathered plate and crumble up the cum pancake to add crumbs on top of the turkey. Serve to females family. Once the family is done complimenting you of the delightful crap you have made them, tell them how you made it and watch them puke on your cherry wood table. Then collect the vomit and save for next thanksgiving. Please recycle.
Turkey Suprise
Male: hey babe, stop doing your sorority squats with the friends you paid to have and try my crap-a-chino.

Girlfriend: that sounds wonderful.

Male: When you are done, please puke the in one spot to make it easier to recycle for my "Turkey Surprise".

Girlfriend: like totally, then Ill go back to triangle triangle funny looking e and fuck some ugly fat loser for some beer.

Male: thats my girl.
by that guy>.> October 08, 2012

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