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when two males share sexual relations with one female .
Bro 1: I want that bitch so bad . i call her .

Bro 2: Nah nigga . I called her like last week when you weren't there .

Bro 1: Well fuck it . Lets 2loop that hoe .
by that diffra thutta January 18, 2010
Rotten To the Core
Bro 1: Aye lets 2loop that bitch .

Bro 2: nahh man , shegot a boyfriend .

Bro 1: I don't give a fuck ! I'm RTTC
by that diffra thutta January 18, 2010
A clothing line developed in Carson,CA by two prominent designers jamal & Christopher Rotten . The line transitioned into not only a locally famous wear , but a way of life known as RTTC for those involved with the line and it's creators .
Girl : Nice shirt . what kind is it ?

Bro : Its from the Rotten Brand . RTTC or run acoss the freeway !

Girl : i want one !
by that diffra thutta January 18, 2010
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