2 definitions by that's not my last name

An unfortunate surname.
He was an exceptional basketball player - but he didn't join because he didn't want the name GAYLORD on the back of his jersey.
by that's not my last name May 14, 2006
Used to describe something great, yet feels as if it were lacking something.
Eating Oreos... without the milk.

Ripping the loudest, longest, smelliest fart ever... without anyone there to witness it.

Driving in your dad's twin-turbo V12 Mercedes-Benz S600... while he's in the passenger seat.

Having sex... without busting a nut.

Coming home with 2 honeys... and only getting it on with one of them.

And obviously, watching pornography without the penetration; or dickless porn.
by that's not my last name May 20, 2006

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