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1. A fancy looks hoop that fits around your western hat.
2. That decoration you remove from your western that your
ladyfriend enjoys wearing around her thigh naked.
3. What you put around your dick when you jerk-off to hard
and make your dick blead.
4. A large charity concert held to raise money to feed
starving chickens.
A feller walks into a bar and buys a shot of whiskey. The
barkeeper yells, 'You ain't got no cockaide on your hat you son of a bitch!" The feller cries out, "I was drunk last sundown, damn my ways and I forgot er' on that hooker's leg." The barkeeper pours a shot to bye gone's being bye gone's, and the feller drinks to his lost cockaide.

When you cut your finger slicing tomatoes you use a bandaide. When your dick bleads after jerking off too hard
you use a cockaide.

Farmer's have the Farmaide concerts, chickens have the
Cockaide concerts.
by that's not funny is it? June 22, 2007

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