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to do something tight, to do something big
1: I'm bout to get signed to a $10 mil dollar contract

2: Ok, do the damn thang
by that dozen April 30, 2005
the 80th avenues of east oakland, ca
The shady 80's, also home of sobrante park, aint no joke
by that dozen April 30, 2005
adj. a tight event, the place to be

v. what's happening

adj2. to have the music blasting
adj. It was a gang of hos, that spot was crankin

v. You know where it's going to be crankin tonight?

adj. I had the music crankin, sunroof open, just chillin as i cruised E. 1-4 (main street in Oakland,CA)
by that dozen April 30, 2005
A movement of younger Bay Area Mc's to regenerate the Bay's hip-hop scene, by creating a new sound (hyphy) and a flyer way of living

Some notables: Keak da Sneak, The Team, Frontline, Federation, Messy Marv
Regognize the Bay - the new bay is in the building.
by that dozen April 30, 2005
Part of east oakland found in the 60th avenues more specifically around 69th ave
Six-nine the vill, whaaaa
by that dozen April 30, 2005
North Oakland - California (notable spots - Bushrod park)
North Pole bitch!

Pole bound nigga!
by that dozen April 30, 2005
adj. something thats poppin, the happening space, a tight place to be

v. can also be used to ask what's happening or what's going on
adj. It was hella people there last night, the party was definitely crackin.

v. You know anything that's crackin tonight?
by that dozen April 30, 2005
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