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Similar to gaydar (the detection of wether someone is gay), the breeder meter is used to determine the straightness of someone. A breeder-meter is usually only possessed by queers, although those who are sympathetic to queer goals have also been known to have a functioning breeder meter.
Lesbian 1: Dude, is that girl gay?
Lesbian 2: No man, she set off my breeder meter like crazy.
by thanemal November 15, 2009
When you're in the forest playing hippie golf and your disk hits a tree and falls. The tree stopped the disk, and is therefore committing an act of tree hate. Tree hate can also occur when you fall on a tree/log/etc.
Jon: *Throws hippie disk*
Stacy: "Major tree hate!"
by thanemal April 29, 2010
When you're smoking a bowl and it's down to the last two people still smoking, and they're both very high but they need to finish the bowl. The term comes from when you've made a salad and there's only a few veggies left in the salad bowl, but you have to eat them.
Michael, would you like the last of the salad?
by thanemal April 25, 2010
The name college students in "hippie" areas must avoid in order to blend in with the real hippies. It is crucial to adopt a hippie name in case the hippies ever take over zombie-style.
Karin: My hippie name is Thanemal.
by thanemal April 25, 2010
An insult you can call someone when they do something idiotic because they're stoned off their ass.
Corrina: *Falls down the hill and gets covered in mud.*
Michael: "HIGH FACE!"
by thanemal April 25, 2010
When girls start arbitrarily dancing in the most sexual way they can think of in inappropriate places.
Emily: We were just eating dinner when all of a sudden, Stacy got up and did a hooker dance!
by thanemal November 01, 2010
The way your dreadlocks look right after having sex and the way they refuse to go back to normal for hours afterwards forcing you to wear a hat for the rest of the day. Depending on how bad you let sex dreads get, they can last for days, the reason being that dreadlocks severely resist change in their shape.
Corrina: you need to get rid of your sex dreads before the funeral.
by thanemal October 20, 2010

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