11 definitions by thadanator

1. Masturbating.
2. The act of organizing one's bedroom.
Ryan: So what did you do yesterday?
Bill: I cleaned my room a few times.
Ryan: Hahaha...
Laura: What's so funny?
by Thadanator January 21, 2005
Something described without giving an actually name, most commonly used when the name is unknown.
Also see thingymabob
Hand me that thingydo over there.
by Thadanator October 23, 2003
Out Of Order
This vending machine is OOO.
by Thadanator February 24, 2005
A stupid fake program, which is said to do multiple things, mainly for idiots who play counter strike all day.
Usually ends up being a virus if donwloaded.
Download Sporkeh Now!(3mb)
Features: Emulate "Steam", cheat on counter strike, and access hidden pentagon files.
by Thadanator February 13, 2005

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