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3 definitions by tha mann

Slang term for Atlanta, Georgia that came from Rap/Hip-Hop music.
1)A-Town is where the Atlanta Falcons BE

2)A-Town where you at?
by tha mann July 03, 2005
abreviation for Pissed Off
dude that guy was so p-oed
by tha mann June 25, 2006
a racial slur against an italian or italian-american. correcting a definition made previously, italian-americans DO call eachother this occasionaly just like black people use the "n**ga" with eachother. i am italian-american and i do not get offended when i am called this by my otha italian friends but it is pretty insulting when someone not italian says this. so if ur not italian DO NOT USE THIS WORD!

Italian To Italian:

Tony: Heeey! wuts goin on guinea man?!?

Rick: Nuthin much.

Non-Italian To Italian:

Patrick: Heeey! wuts goin on guinea?

Rick: wtf man i will beat ur ass if u say that again!
by tha mann January 19, 2007