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1. v.i. - to solve a Rubik's Cube, often quickly, in the style of speedcubing.

2. n. - a Rubik's Cube.

3. v.t. - in mathematics, to raise something to the third power.
1. Michael: "Yo, back up and let me cube."
Blake: "This dude cubes hella well."
Phil: "It's so easy to cube on my Brand Spankin' New Rubik's Cube!"
Margaret: "Screw phonics, I'm hooking on cubing."

2. Reuben: "I can't cube with my piece of shit cube."
Matt: "Damn, Kashani took our cubes away so we can't cube in class."

3. Joe: "Shiiiit, Mike just cubed that 6th degree polynomial in 17.33 repeating seconds."
Mike: "Keak da Sneak cubed is super hyphy hyphy hyphy!"
by tha P R C October 23, 2006
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