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You ever felt really stupid for an instant? Yeah, that was blonde moment.
Example of a blonde moment:
Jeff: "What station is that?"
Dan: "97.5"
Jeff: "Is that V103?"
by Tha Pyngwyn September 28, 2003
One of those lunatics who thinks that skydiving or base jumping or bungee jumping or any other sort of "falling-to-your-death-but-not-really" activity is cool.
Hey, let's go down to the bridge and untie the Falling Freaks when they jump off!

I don't hate Falling Freaks; I just don't like scraping them off of my driveway.
by Tha Pyngwyn July 18, 2005
A prefix used to modify onomatopoeic words, either signifying a crack heard before the body of the sound, or just to add flair.
Ker-splash, ker-pop, ker-smack, and "What the kerfuck does kerfuck mean?"
by Tha Pyngwyn July 14, 2005
A place in which all things cause are known to cause cancer.
Bottled water label - "WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."
by Tha Pyngwyn February 06, 2011
Stereotypical endowment of the African-American male.
Now that Lexington Steele, he has the meganegrodong
by Tha Pyngwyn September 12, 2003
The Wacky Protestor's latest anti-Christian invention used to creat a world with no Christians, no churches, no Bibles, and no God!
Bibleman... that's some f'ed up stuff
by Tha Pyngwyn October 29, 2004
1) A slow, inefficient, retarded, or otherwise stupid action or event.

2) A bureaucracy
One guy digging a hole and five people standing around him watching- that's a penis operation.
US Government- that's a penis operation
by Tha Pyngwyn February 01, 2004

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