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a girl who trys not to be bitchy but has her moments. shes mostly a social butterfly, but can be a bit on the shy side, and usually is. she tends to "mother" people. she actually cares whether or not she says she does or not. she normally doesnt trust people to easy, she writes poetry,collects rocks and seashells. she loves football,soccer,and dodgeball. she absolutly loves the ocean and would do anything for it. shes smart, and adores music. shes great with kids,plants, and animals. she wants to be a vet. she absolutly detests people who call her beautiful or tell her they love her and dont actually mean it. she has an abhorance for people who lie, especially to her. she also very blunt and truthful.
i would know all this because i am mari!!! so :P!!!!!
by texangirl:) April 02, 2011
the greatest guy i know and someone i liked for a while. colin is usually a hotttt, athletic, musical, mysterious guy, with an interesting sense of humor. he's usually really sweet, and there when you need him. he can be really polite and he's obviously cool. oh and just about all girls like him at some point in time. but he's the best kind of friend
by texangirl:) March 10, 2011
a very hot guy whos a bit of a man whore. he is eloquent with is words, and you believe them, even if you know better. goes by the nickname I , noone else, gave him, ninja.hes very flexible and great at gymnastics and wont tell me how. he prefers young women (he'd make a great vampire, if they were real lol) he has lots of people he calls friends but he doesnt actually understand the phrase "just friends". hes , deep down, a very good person just misunderstood.
hey ninja!!!

kris: hey how are you?!!

some other chick: be careful
by texangirl:) April 02, 2011
the only gut i know that i can pick out of a crowd, in a dark room, across the room. he has the prettiest blue eyes, half the time i think he's going to shove me in a locker, he gives the BEST hugs, but tends to wear a lot of cologne and i end up smelling like him, he's funny, nice, charming, fun, sweet, helpful, strange, and a real man. unless you make him mad,then he's mean.he hates complainers, and hes very blunt and up front about everything......oh and he's freakishly tall, but thats what makes him amazing.
one more thing: hey um brandon..........i think i may..........like you......... alot................
by texangirl:) October 04, 2011
the closest thing to a sister that i have. she is amazing and always there. shes kinda shy and can be a bit antisocial at first until you know her. shes smart, fun, and epic. hates that one movie where the guys like "sssstttttttttteeeeeeeelllllllllaaaaaaaa!!!!" at the window or something. an aspiring actress whos stage name is dara and hates when its mis-pronounced. and she has a ghostly stalker who changes names!!!
*me*: hey
*stella*: um hey *in her head: why is she talking to me!!!!*
three weeks later..
*me*: hey stel!
*stella*: hey sis!
by texangirl:) April 02, 2011
a guy who is epic, in general, and who is more stubborn than me. and my only male bestfriend!!! he makes me smile. and hes cooollllll
me on my fone: omg i can't wait to walk through the rain!!! :) i love it!!!

brandon walking past me: hey mari it stopped raining!!!1
by texangirl:) August 11, 2011
a difficult if not tedious emotion that makes you feel and do some strange things. its both a blessing and a curse. and its needed.
**he loves you!!!**
by texangirl:) April 22, 2011

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