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A strange character that sometimes appears at parties and other social gatherings. Always weres a pair of aviator sunglasses and has a rather large and unusual nose. Uses various props and takes pictures as momentos of the various places he has been. (its a cock with sunglasses on it!!)
Cool Teddy Shades
Cool eddie lamp shades
Cool eddie shades on a plane
Cool eddie shades having a fag
Cool piggie shades
by testicle 28 July 10, 2011
A rare condition whereby the simplest of words become unpronouncale resulting in the person in question sounding like a retard.
examples of Liddyitits sentences
"right guys im off, as the freng would say aurrrrr rrrrrrrrr"
"therauraus" etc..
by testicle 28 March 26, 2011

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