2 definitions by terry get out

Classic saying, usually said in a robot accent. Comming from the mispronounciation of the word Cherie by an indian man and involving the action of telling this person to get out. Once said many times, the robot starts to dominate and so the 'terry get out' saying is born. A great saying for any occasion good or bad.
What did you get for that question?
Terry get out

I wish I had a Dad, he died last year when he got blown appart by a land mine
(really loud) TERRY GET OUT

How do you plead to murder?
Terry get out
by terry get out May 09, 2004
Virgin Mobile's new con to get people sending lots of MMS's messages. The shit in the ad is enough to annoy anyone and make then wanna never go with Virgin
I was ming monging and after 4 messages, i had no credit left why is MMS so expensive?
by terry get out May 09, 2004

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