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Well, in fact nobody truly envies chileans… they are lacking humbleness. They are a well disciplined country (they had a very long dictatorship that taught them how to obey orders) that loves to suck Uncle Sam dick. They have always been traitors and aggressive to all their neighbors.
Having said that of course there are some delighting human beings in Chile (not to many but I met a few when there). The problem was that at the time I visited Chile I hated it almost as much as they hate us, so I was not in a position to enjoy beautiful things unless they were in front of my eyes. When I turned on the radio I heard more Argentinean music than I ever heard in Argentina... I strongly dislike Bachelet, that liar; I support high school students movement!
As for 1996 Chileans had not rock music. In a radio show called "conexión nacional" I listened all Argentinean musicians and the only one Chilean song broadcasted was plagiarism from a very old Argentinean folklore music song.

A: I do not envy chileans, really.
Ch: Deja ia la weá argentino weon, en Argentina tu no tení marraqueta y no tomai once (spanish?)
A: wtf did you say? (I'm native spanish speaker and hardly recognize spanish in it)
by terremotodevaldivia August 31, 2006

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