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An individual who compulsively poops several times a day.
Peter's been in and out of the toilet at least six times today. I wonder if he's become a serial pooper.
by terminal 2 February 05, 2008
A type of rectal excretion that leaves the body with great force, excessive gaseousness, and copious amounts of fecal liquids.
That hot sauce really messed me up! First thing the next morning, I hit the toilet with a harsh case of the plops.
by terminal 2 February 04, 2008
v. The act of penetrating a female vagina when the latter is in a state of reduced lubrication. Penetration may result in penile and/or vaginal tearing.
Jason: "Sarah, you seem a little dry, should I slap on some lube"

Sarah: "Hell ya, I don't want you to drywall me!"
by terminal 2 July 10, 2008
A state of motherhood that is defined by an a uncontrolled sexual filthiness.
John's mom is certainly looking milthy today. I'm down for getting dirty with her!
by terminal 2 February 04, 2008
A day devoted once a week to hot mothers.
George: "Hey Ralph, are you working tomorrow?"

Ralph: "Heck no! It's Momday, and I'm hooking up with Debra"
by terminal 2 February 04, 2008
A spicy holiday drink made from cinnamon, nutmeg, cream, and ejaculate. To prepare; pour cream into your partner's mouth, sprinkle on cinnamon and nutmeg, then drop a load and sweeten to taste.
Jason: "Sarah, what's your favorite thing about the holidays"

Sarah: "Hmmm... Well, I love cuddling up in front of the fire with a mug of your spunky smegg nog!"
by terminal 2 December 21, 2008
During moments of extreme stress, fecal excretions can no longer be held within the body, and are thus subject to contact with clothing. Such an event is known as a cloth encounter, and these events can be subdivided into three types based on the consistency of the fecal matter and the nature of the contact. Encounters of the first kind involve mostly dry material, and cause limited staining of the fabric. Those of the second kind involve both wet and dry material, and can be expected to leave a mark that will require dedicated laundering. During encounters of the third kind, contact with the fabric is so sustained that fecal material actually passes through clothing and into the outside environment. For safety reasons, garments subject to an encounter of the third kind should be immediately destroyed.
Dean: "What is that horrible smell?"

Jason: "Sorry about that... I've been turtling that spiced meat sandwich for hours, and I think I just had a cloth encounter of the third kind!"
by terminal 2 October 13, 2009

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