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11 definitions by tepeterman

another name for Wal~Mart
Kids, get in the car. We're going to Wally World! While we're there we will: get our tires rotated, change the oil in the van, get our eyes checked, get hair cuts, get our portraits taken, fill our prescriptions, renew our fishing license, get groceries, buy new bicycles, TV and blue ray, get party decorations, have lunch, go to the bank, apply for a job . . . .
by tepeterman September 11, 2011
Using a politically correct, socially acceptable, word or phrase, in replacement of vulgarity.
Jennifer knew she had to use a swearstitute in math class or her teacher would publicly embarrass her. She proclaimed, Oh, schniggle, I dropped my pencil!

Oh, schniggles!
Oh, schiggle!
Goul darn it!
Oh, sugar!
H E double tooth picks!
H E double hockey sticks!
Oh Geez Louise
What the hey!
Son of a gun!
by tepeterman September 10, 2011
Saturday is the weekend, and Sunday is the weekbeginning.

If Sunday is the first day of the week, why do we say it is part of the weekend?

If we have a closed compound, "weekend", why don't we have a closed compound, "weekbeginning"?

When you say goodbye to your coworkers on Friday afternoon you should say, "Have a nice weekend, and a good weekbeginning."
It's 5:00 on Friday afternoon and there is a cacophony in the office of coworkers bidding each other to have a nice weekend and a good weekbeginning.
by tepeterman April 09, 2011
using a negative to affirm
That's not who I think it is, is it?
No,it is.
Oh, I thought so.
by tepeterman September 11, 2011
The disappointed feeling you have when the automatic flush at Wal-Mart flushes the toilet before you have time to inspect your recently deposited fecal matter.
Colan had automatic flush grief when the toilet at Wal-Mart automatically flushed before he had time to inspect his recently deposited fecal matter.
by tepeterman April 09, 2011
short for McDonald's
I'm starving! Pull into McD's (pronounced Mickey D's) sose I can get a burger and fries!
by tepeterman September 13, 2011
The teacher instructed the students to use a synonymary to find an inconcognate for the word synonym.
by tepeterman September 15, 2011