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People from European or Middle Eastern background, usually closer to asia. Such as Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey etc. Only drive done up cars or Skyliners, subarus or monaros, with PHAT soundsystems with subwoofers, with neon lights. Always wear clothes bought from Footlocker or InSport. Their Faviroute brand usually is champion and nike. Usually wear big puffy jackets and heaps of gold chains. Their haircut consists of the top long and all the sides and back shaven. Most used terms : FULLLY SICK MATE. OH MY GOD BRO! Their diets consist of Kebabs, pizza and cheap food. They secretly ador their mothers. On average a WOG carries 4.5 fones on them.
Habib: Aaaahh bro, i gott call hamadri, hes gotta check out this fully sick soundsystem i put in my HSV. Check this. It make My kebab jump like the hydrolics hamadri has.

Mostafa: OH MY GOD BRO!

Leb3: SICK

Mostafa: FULLY
by tendulkar December 02, 2004
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