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A sub-human being that has 10 babies that they cant take care of so they get government assistance(foodstamps, medical etc.) they have no ability to learn or reason and have this false sense of "mexican pride" when they cross over here because Mexico is poor.
A lady you see that has 10 kids and the dad isnt around, somoene you see at the Grocery store with 2 carts full of groceries and they are Mexican and have 2 or 3 kids running around (they paid with foodstamps. That WETBACK is filling up the cart with anchor baby food
by tellingitlikeitis May 29, 2008
A school that can't teach for shit. When someone gets bullied, they never sort it out. Instead, they just let shit go on because all teachers there are all lazy assholes who have nothing to do but think about how their pupils are scum. They don't teach anything, the reason why people are degraded are because they is no education, they expect you to learn stuff by yourself. If you go to this school, only a few will succeed and if you fail, sometimes it is your fault but for the majority of the time, it is the teachers fault because they know nothing at all and obviously don't care about the kids education, hence why they are linked Bishop Auckland College. They obviously don't care if you die in school from other kids because they don't sort shit out, so if you go to Scummydale, you're going to end up in shit because nothing can be sorted for precision.
Sunnydale School is one of the shittest schools on the planet. Go there, expect to fail like 98% of losers there now
by TellingitLikeItIs January 16, 2014

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