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lame-ass cocksuckers that have a fan base that believes winning 1 fuckin world series in 86 years qualifies them as the best team in baseball history. the 2004 yankees were injury depleted and were probably screwed because the red sox paid off the umpires in the last 4 games of last years alcs. the red sox also have the biggest asshole since pete rose in curt not worth a mother fucking schilling. the NEW YORK YANKEES are the best team in all of sports with 26 world championships and 39 world series appearances they are truly the epitome of all sports franchises. and for the record the yankees did blow the 2004 alcs (they were cheated) but let us not forget that the red sox blew a 14.5 game lead in 1978 and a 2-0 lead in the AL East playoff by giving up a homerun to BUCKY DENT. he probably hit two other homeruns in his entire career. and also we must pay homage to the fine glovework of bill buckner in the 1986 world series and jonnie pesky's throwing abilities in the 1946 world series. they are the true chokeartists not the injury depleted 2004 Yankees. 2005 belongs to the bronx bombers. go Yankees.
red sox fan: the red sox are the best team ever man. we won in 1918 and 2004. the yankees won 26 world series but suck.
yankees fan: truth is the red sox have choked way more and way worse in their history than the yankees did in 2004. they suck balls and will not win again until at least 2090, mother fucker.
by tellin it like it truly is June 18, 2005

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