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emo is just a name that we express our selves with. True we wear dark stuff. True some of us are gay. True some of us cut ourselves. (self harming. look it up and understand it more) True some of us hate chavs.

We are aproachable people. And we do have feelings, and most of us emo's are very emotional. (lyke me)

It doesnt mean we are depressing sad asses who complain about everything in lyfe. And it doesnt mean we wryte suicide notes 24/7.

And if none of you can understand that emo's ARE in fact people. Then yoo are a sad prejudiced person.
im emo

i dont hate lyfe all the tyme.

i wear dark strypey stuff.

I am very emotional

I have a counsellor to help sort it owt.

I dont have black hair.

I wear black eyeliner.

I listen to moosic lyke my chemical romance, simple plan and bullet for my valentine.

I also listen tooh nelly furtado and gwen stefani.
by teh troo emo cidd January 27, 2007
"emo cidd" is basically just an emo.
An emo has just finished writing a comment on a bebo page. She signs it off saying. luff from this emo cidd
by teh troo emo cidd January 27, 2007
"Lyfe" is a way to spell "life".

It is spelt that way to make "life" more interesting. And some people spell it lyke that because they lyke "Y"s

other words with Y supplement. "lyke" "wyte" "byte"

emo cidd: could i beeh any happier in lyfe?
by teh troo emo cidd January 27, 2007

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